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  • Artist Info: name:Janea<br />
    age:12<br />
    best gaian friend:Shadougefanforlife!<br />
    favorite song:poker face<br />
    favorite color:purple/black<br />
    favorite movie:tilight series (YES ALL OF THEM!)<br />
    favorite artist:Lady GaGa/Beyonce/Gwen Steffani<br />
    favorite actor/actress:Jim Carry/No Actress<br />
    favorite holiday:Halloween<br />
    Hi im janea im a tom boy have plenty of friends and if u dont know me well thats just to bad for you now isnt it?! I live in new york have different hobbys and hate the color pink.<br />
    Hobby:hanging with friend,computer,playing fighting MMORPGs (thats were my tom boy stuff comes in and from color Black and hating pink its so ugly ugh lolz)<br />
    Hair:Brown/Black Curly<br />
    thats pretty much it unless your me ahhhh go away lolz<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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