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  • Artist Info: Well hi there. Honestly, I'm a very interesting person. I may confuse you a lot because i can be a very depressed person, and then 5 minutes later be the happiest person ever! I am very random and I'm in love with the thought of a ninja! i am normally quite the optimist, but when my depression spells come on....its best if no one talks to me LOL ^-^ most people don't even know half of what I have had to deal with in my life, even some of my closest friends. i love to give advice. If you have a problem i would be more than happy to help you out with that! If its stupid, i'll still help, but i may become irritable considering it would be pretty much pointless! My pet peeve is when someone is complaining about how terrible their lives are when really their lives are amazing! so iff you ever need anything (even if i barely know you), i would be more than happy to help smile I feel like a hopeless dork at the moment because i'm pointlessly liking someone, and its stupid but oh well. I guess its kinda funny lol! well anyways, i'll hopefully see you around!<br />
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