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  • Artist Info: What about me?<br />
    Oh yeah, I gotta say something. :T<br />
    Okay, I just a brazilian boy that likes animes and hanging out with friends... most of the time I'm really happy and nice to everyone! But, everybody has its limits, right?<br />
    Also, I like pop music, indie rock, brazilian music and stuff.<br />
    And yeah, this is me saying good morning to go to school razz &gt; http://images.orkut.com/orkut/photos/OgAAAHwI4zCvR2462VKFH0V3iOBB4SK50oI8hea621B6R2-ylCgX1AOC9XnaFxdLCJ4GjZ1Zlwglbinsh5LbIuvt6IEAm1T1UIVRX_GgQV2WiHFlMo_PpqU1NwB5.jpg - So, good morning everyone and let's make some friends!
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