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  • Artist Info: um, well, many ppl kno me on here... um... i likes fishies... (2 eat! X3) um.... i like 2 cook nd bake... er.... i LOVE 2 read, i read lotsa books. if any of u r looking 4 any good books 2 read, nd u love Vampires, Witchy stuffs, supernatural, sadness, lotsa action, w/e, i'm the girl 2 go 2. i've read LOTS of books, so i can recomend any 2 fit ur bill. um.... i like 2 draw. i can shade quite nicely nd i can draw manga somewat. uhhhhh... i like 2 Sing. (look at my playlist, i can sing MOST of the Naruto Ondo, nd almost all of the songs sung by females.) umm.... i like 2 write also. (look at my journal) i can write lyrics 4 my OWN songs, poems, fanfics, stories, u kno... i can also take fairly decent pictures also!<br />
    <br />
    anything else u wanna kno? ask. i just MIGHT answer u.<br />
    <br />
    did u ACTUALLY read all of that? i culd've written more.... but i didn't wanna torture u pplz. nd if u r still reading this, u r either hatching a weird sorta plan, bored nd have no life, or u r a baka ka. XP
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