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  • Artist Info: Welcome to my page yall! Im Kasi Michelle also known as Kboog, The Boogster, or Micky K. I live in Alaska. Im homeschooled. It sux ass. Anywho heres a little bit about me. Thank ya for checkin me out! ;D<br />
    <br />
    Basic things to know about me!!:<br />
    Name: Kasi Michelle<br />
    Location: Alaska<br />
    Height: - bout 5' 8" I think<br />
    Status: Taken an lovin it. Love you babe!! ^^ MWA!<br />
    Shoe size: ((not that anybody cares)) 10<br />
    Eye color: Change. Moast of the time their blue<br />
    Hair Color: Very dark brown. practicly black atm<br />
    Insruments: Guitar, Piano, violin, clarenette<br />
    Vehicle: None yet. Dream vehicle is '69 Camaro.<br />
    Top wanted Gaia item: Faun Legs<br />
    <br />
    My Favorite things:<br />
    Color: Pink, Orange, Lime Green, Black. All tied haha<br />
    Movie: Monty Pithon and the Holy Grail, Lord of the Rings II, Aladdin, Tarzan<br />
    Book: Twilight serise and the stephanny plum novels<br />
    Song: Kiss Me<br />
    Actor: Will Smith and Johnny Depp<br />
    Artist: Chris Brown<br />
    Band: Nickelback, Van Halen<br />
    Sport: I like to play Basketball and Soccer but I dont realy like watching<br />
    Place Ive been: Washington DC<br />
    Hobby: Texting, Drawing<br />
    Show: Trick My Truck, Fresh Prince of Bel-air<br />
    Word: Grodie<br />
    Animal: All!! ^^<br />
    <br />
    Opposites ((aka: Things I cant stand))<br />
    Color: None. I pritty mutch like all colors<br />
    Movie: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes<br />
    Book: Math Textbook<br />
    Song: Lovestoned by Justin Timberlake<br />
    Actor: Nicholas Cage<br />
    Artist: Justin Timberlake<br />
    Sport: Football. Srry I just dont get it<br />
    Show: Spongebob<br />
    Biggest pet peeve: Younger people telling me what to do<br />
    ((Srry if any of the above has offended anybody but it just my and my opinon))<br />
    <br />
    More useless info to take up all your time reading! ;D lol<br />
    <br />
    Pritty mutch all you need to know about me:<br />
    I LOVE music and movies. If I had it my way I would sit at home jammin to music and watching movies with my all my friends. I honestly dont have a fav movie. It changes so offtin haha. Music is the same way. I love anything by Sean Kingston, Akon, Nickelback, Eminem, pritty mutch all of it haha. Oldies are prob my fav tho. I love all my friends very mutch. I cant live without them!! Thanks all for bein there for me. Love ya! xoxoxox<br />
    <br />
    I love:<br />
    music, textin, 4x4, driving, dancing, singing, watching movies, drawing, hangin with the gang, reading, comp, WOW, video games, walking, running, swimming, basketball, vollyball, sleeping, writing, dressing up, partys, shopping, snowboarding, laughing, chatting<br />
    <br />
    Biggest fears:<br />
    Losing my friends, ghosts, spiders, clowns, death, being alone, dolls
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