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  • Artist Info: YO PEEPS!!!!! so yea this is my profile page and i amd proud of it!!! as you can see i know BBC code.... barely.... any ways i am like borderline ADD so if you do feel the urge to add me, beware i change moods often.... and yea.... i am what some would call and 'otaku' and all, but you cant tell unless you like bring it up or im hyper or something... so yea my avatar is like it is just cuz i know it looks awesome... i mean hey, am right? come on its amazing.... i dont sleep at night (ADD symptom actually...) and i like ummm.... naruto bleach death note...... pretty much that im too lazy to find other awesome animes tho i know there are some out there... i read manga online (manga fox one manga makes no sense to me now) and theres this one with hanabi in it but i dont remember the name.... its about a girl who hates guys.... i think its funny.... i mean hey, COME ON!!!! my favorite youtube video is the one below.... i also like the mean kitty song... its just epic.... and and and i have a DA (deviant art) account if you want to check out some of my stuff... but i have various accounts so just message me for the links okay? too much work to put all the links here..... so yep.... add me if you want but be sure to at least try to talk to me kay? cuz sometimes i go thru my friends and delete the ones i dont know.... so yea..... go ahead and add me if you want there are few chances ill deny kay?<br />
    Ultimate Akastuki Fanflash 2
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