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    --------------I've got an Art Shop. ~Burnt Pudding~. Take a gander. I do Avi's, Original Characters and maybe more.--------------------------
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    Hello! My names White-Mushi. I'll keep this short.<br />
    I'm an artist currently working on brainstorming up a web comic or something like that. I'm a total DA addict. My favorite artist has to be DaVinci and the other renaissance era artists. My favorites arn't limited to them though. I just can't think of any others right now. ehehehe...<br />
    I enjoy all kinds of music. Recently vocaliods and dubstep but I like a whole ton of other stuff. I think it's in the tags. Except country. It can rot for all I care. I'm also into fashion and design. Making awesome clothes and wearing them seems FRICKING GREAT. <br />
    I enjoy anime, manga, Japan in general actually. They're crazy and I LOVE IT. Acutally I enjoy all other cultures from around the world. I find beauty in most thing and cry a little when I see something absolutly wonderful. Be it a landscape, painting, a video game, or anything else.<br />
    I'm a avid videogame player. I don't care what you think but videogames are the SHIZNAT. Videogames are like movies that you can "live". If a game is extremely good, I tend to get emotional attached. Yeah, it's weird. REAL WEIRD.<br />
    <br />
    That's about all I can think of right now. But there's a lot more that i haven't listed here.
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