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    User Image<br />
    ^Dream avi^ <br />
    Feel free to donate any items or gold towards it. Ill love you lots if you do. Im not begging though.<br />
    Hm. Well, I do have a boyfriend. I love him A LOT. He is my everything. So please don't bother trying to "hook up" with me. You can flirt but, it wont get you very far. We can be good friends though. I can be a pretty cool person. At least i think i can be. I get along with people pretty well unless, your really annoying and act really stupid. Ill tell you more about me if i get to know you. So message me or comment me. I'll try to reply.<br />
    ----------------------------<br />
    List of dream avi items<br />
    [x]DandiiDooDad Spore<br />
    [x]Silver Tiara with Amethyst<br />
    [ ]Shadow Spirit (ill need 2 of these)<br />
    [ ]Celestial Wrap<br />
    [ ]Mr.Raccoon<br />
    [x]Nitemare Collar<br />
    [x]Stain Hairbow<br />
    [x]Gray Peasant Gloves<br />
    [ ]Death Whisper [2nd Gen]<br />
    [x]Red Roses Arm Tattoo<br />
    [x]Rock Hard<br />
    [ ]Demonic Mood Bubble<br />
    [x]Deadly Mood Bubble(optional, demonic preferred)<br />
    [ ]Gothic Veil (ill need 2 of these)<br />
    [ ]Demonic Anklets<br />
    [x]Spirit Falcon<br />
    [ ]Devil Tail<br />
    [ ]Oculus Mythica<br />
    [ ]Dark Halo<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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