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  • Artist Info: BONJOUR BONJOUR, I am Emmali, you can call me Em-em or Emma or whatever i dont mind. Yes yes, it used to be Molly, you can still call me Molly if you like. I am 5foot 6, and i like dye my hair bright red. My eyes are brown and I'm tall and skinny. My birthday is December 27, 1993. So you could guess how old i am now. I like to skateboard and play my guitar, i also like to hang out with friends(more like my bffae ELLIE) and play video games with them(HER) and my older brother (who sucks.. ass cuz... he sucks.. .he also has this like..huge head...like.. he can barely fi through the front door : P ) I have two tattoos, don't judge just because I'm young, and I only sometimes go on the computer when i get a chance. I have a cat , her name is Tuesday but we(THE PEOPLE : D ) call her Kitty. If you really want to know more then just msg me.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    This is really how i look cuz im a ho :3
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