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  • Artist Info: Hey! My name is Faith..................i guess his is the part im suppsed to tell you About Me...........well here goes!<br />
    I am a supprisingly shy person. Untill recently i have been LESS shy.... hah! anyway, i hate yelling unless it is out of fun, i get scared and irritated in crowds of people, my favorite animal is thy tiger, i also love large dogs cuz small ones irritate me stare , i love listening to music, i love to dance like nobody is watching and sing like there isnt a care in the world dramallama , i like to write and read, i am a tomboy due to the fact that i have no sisters and i have four older brothers. I have only two best best friends which are Tori and Ashely, they are both very....awesome. rolleyes <br />
    I like to play videogames, go on bike rides, play with my puppies, write, draw, sleep, stay up late to write draw or play videogames, and hang out with friends. <br />
    if ya wanna know anything else, just ask plz! pirate
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