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  • Artist Info: Update 01/2012: I'm slowly coming back. Not here as much as before, but I'm checking Gaia regularly again. I should be back to the way things were before in the near future hopefully.<br />
    <br />
    ^ Yeah okay. Lol.<br />
    <br />
    Xbox 360 Gamertag: RAS Productions (Just send an attached message saying who you are, please.) I play BF4, Defiance, RB3, H4, and others.<br />
    Skype: ras-productions<br />
    WoW: Ras#1979 (Attach a message if you're sending me a b-tag request please.<br />
    E-Mail: rasproductions90@gmail.com (I don't check my email)<br />
    My Facebook (Send me a message saying who you are from Gaia, or I will most likely decline it.)<br />
    My Youtube (Mostly just uploaded MW3 videos and such. Funny stuff if you play CoD.<br />
    <br />
    Well, other than that...I play WoW and Xbox. That's pretty much it. Dead deviantArt account somewhere.<br />
    I currently live in New Jersey, and yes. It always smells like this here.<br />
    Other than that, the further details are listed in my Interests section. (Unless I don't ever update them, which I don't. xP)
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