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  • Artist Info: Name: Alice Rosenkreuz<br />
    Age: 26<br />
    Height: 5' 2"<br />
    Weight: Wouldn't you like to know. razz <br />
    Build: Athletic<br />
    Nationality: Half French, Half German<br />
    Special Skills: Humor, master thief, master bowman, speaks three languages. (German, French, English)<br />
    <br />
    Alice is a master bowman trained by an elvish hunting party and experienced adventurer. Known for her three trademarks. Good humor, white hair and her ever famous scarlet cloak. A noble by day she robs the homes of nobility by night as a sort of hobby. She can drink almost anyone under the table. However jovial, be wary of gaining her ire, for she carries a small crossbow everywhere.
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