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    <br />
    I, Tori, swear to be the best member of the Super Society of Wickedly Weird Weirdos that I can be. I shall continue my weird ways by sticking out from the crowd, saying extremely odd things, and finding every way to going against the normal rules of sanity. As a member, I will speak out when unnecessary, dress completely to my own liking and not anyone else, and I shall forever dance to my own beat... even when there isn't music at the time! My job is to spread the word that being weird is cooler than any other normal person. Cool beans and washing machines will always be my thing.<br />
    <br />
    i!i!i!MY QUOTE WALL!i!i!i<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Randomness at Tori's house:<br />
    <br />
    ("The squirrels love Hitler!" - Me "The pandas don't." - Micah "The monkeys don't either..." - Me)<br />
    ("My boob pocket thanks you!" - Me... mem was throwing beads into the pocket of my shirt)<br />
    ("Thanks for calling Waffle House! This is Tori! How may I help you?" - Me "... um... what?" - Person on the phone)<br />
    (" Tori's a good girl =D" -Me)<br />
    ("I think I want to rename this one!.... StEvE11!!!"-Me about sir rusts-a-lot on Final Fantasy 9 "How are you going to name it SSStEEEvVVE11? I actually liked that Character!" -Dana)<br />
    ("No I can't come over. I'm having a nerd day today!"-Me to mem "A nerd day? Is that what you call this?"-Dana holding up a controller. "Yes Dana. That is what I call this."-Me)<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Random School and Band:<br />
    <br />
    ("There's a method to my madness."--Mrs. Miller ..later.."There's madness to method!"--Lori)<br />
    (On the band field "We will tuck in our shirts at football games. We are not Gangster USA!" --Mrs. Miller *lots of groans and one "Dang..."*--most of the band)<br />
    ("Four years of AP English and I still can't spell the word 'cat'." --Dana)<br />
    ( while practicing the trumpet , the dog started howling "Oh, come on! It wasn't that bad, was it?"-Dana ...she starts start playing again, and she takes off running and howling down the hallway "O.o" --Dana)<br />
    ("Ok you guy! Time for a serious moment..." -Me *moment of silence* "Lieutenant James Norrington, RN,....." - Micah "THAT'S NOT SERIOUS!" - Me trying not to laugh.)<br />
    ("Do you people find debarking a dog "cruel and barbaric?" -me "No! People with little or no experience will agree with this"-Dana... mocking a website)<br />
    ("Holy crap at all the rust" -Me at Ashley's trumpet. "I think it took your trumpet hostage" wink <br />
    ("So do you like sell chicken on a stick flavored snow cones?" -Dana looking at a sign at band competition)<br />
    ("I've got aids"- Random student picking a research topic "I don't think you want to advertise that."-Doc)<br />
    ("Deck the halls with Tori and Sherri" -Sherri "Oh god save them all!" -Me)<br />
    ("it even has them cracking the ribs."-Doc "Is the person real?"-Student "Well yeah."-Doc "We can't watch that! It's rated pg... pg-13"-Student *whole class laughs* "It's rated M for mature so I guess some of you can't watch it."-Doc)<br />
    ("So you are the one having trouble getting to your classes. I walked the halls and got to that class in 3 minutes"- the 7 foot tall Vice principal... later that day.. "It's not fair! People dive out of the way for him!" wink <br />
    ("Please read the directions, Doc."- Chris "I don't need to read the directions. Directions are for you to read after you mess up the first time."-Doc trying to scare Chris)<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Misadventures in AH (1 and 2) Class:<br />
    <br />
    ("Don't make me stick a bubble up your butt." -Dana)<br />
    ("GOOD GOD! His head is heavy!" -Lori)<br />
    (" I got's the ADD!" -Dana (meaning AED))<br />
    ("Aw, dang! I didn't turn it on!" --Me)<br />
    ("Oh, wait. That might be a bit helpful. (plugs it in)" --Me)<br />
    ("Okay, It's connected! Say that again and I'll kill you!" -Me (to the AED))<br />
    ("Okay, he is cooked! I mean, he is not cooked, he is hooked!" -Me)<br />
    ("I am NOT giving that thing CPR!" -Dana)<br />
    ("The harder you kick it the louder it screams" - Dana)<br />
    ("Stab the baby in the head" - Lori "And you called ME a bad mother." -Dana)<br />
    ("Hurry up! She's dying! What are you going to do?" -Byrd ".......... HURRY UP I NEED SOME TAPE!" -Reba *actually runs to get the tape*-me)<br />
    ("What are you doing?" -Lori "Trying to get a tan through the window. Look! I'm starting to get some freckles!" -Dana (they laugh, I look over a little while later) "You're doing it too?" -Dana "..Yeah." (guilty look) -Lori)<br />
    ("Oh! Your backpack's on your back!" --Mrs. Byrd)<br />
    ("When I got a TB shot in high school--" Dana's mom, then interrupted by Dana "Back in 1942?" "I was born in 1958!" -Dana's mom "Yeah, that's what you keep saying anyway." -Dana)<br />
    (" LE GASP!" -All)<br />
    (*zones out & sees movement* "HOLY CRAP!" *little bit later* "I thought you were fake!.......... Then you moved"-Me)<br />
    ("I thought you were a mannequin. I was thinking you looked kinda real."-Shaye "Oh but I am! You just don't know it. I'm just like Edward scissor hands"-Me "Aww"-Shaye)
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