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  • Artist Info: I couldnt describe myself entirely but <br />
    my name is "Grandeast",but the good part about that name is yah canta find it on google(chuckleling) and nobody else in the worl has it <br />
    I always look at the positive of things , ive been more mature latley , I'm currently playing volleyball but i wont tell you our team name(ssshhhh!! im zipped)<br />
    i love various types of music like pop,techno mostly,rock,metal,r&B and the usual.<br />
    i wish to learn french sometime but it was german but i only know the alphabet and then quit '_'<br />
    im around 15 going <br />
    you could say i can be friends with anybody but the people you run into , im looking forward to being on this site asap and hope to make it to the mills in gold and i dont hafta explain myself ,(i know u want the gold to but if yah have it good luck.)<br />
    hope to hear from many people and make few friends so i wont forget em.kidding<br />
    cya soon jane do!!*^_^
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