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  • Artist Info: Hello, I am Kenny, you know, like Kenny from south park! mrgreen South park was one of my many obsessions. (I'll keep you posted on what my current obsession is... Currently it is Vampires. Thanks to twilight.) Anyways. I'm a happy, hyper, crazy obsessive person, but that's when you get to know me, otherwise I'm very shy. I'm also very calm and am a major people-pleaser. I have found that my catch phrase is accidentally "Oy vei." My favorite artist is Cascada. My favorite color is Aquamarine, and my birthstone is Amethest. My favorite books are the warrior series and many more. My besties are Nathan (Xx Morphine w a r machine), Lily (Heiwatsuki_Shirosakura), and Gabrielle (Alythiadarkthunder). I love to RP so PM me anytime you want to RP! See ya! Buh Bye! *Waves*<br />
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