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  • Artist Info: hey everyone! just some random facts about me:<br />
    people say im too quiet, but when im around friends i can't shut up<br />
    im ALMOST 5 foot 5!! im 5 foot 4 and 3/4<br />
    im going to hawaii for spring break!<br />
    im very impatient<br />
    im coughing as i type this (stupid cold)<br />
    ive got brown hair and brown eyes<br />
    i luv chocolate <3<br />
    i listen to A LOT of music <br />
    never seem to have enough money sad <br />
    COUGH COUGH COUGH aaacckc help!!!<br />
    kk im better<br />
    ANYWAYS...im very tickleish...ask my friends, when u poke me in the sides i scream, jump, and pretty much collaspe<br />
    im a klutz, i run into things alot<br />
    yup yup yup.....thats ME! lol<br />
    oh, im also told that i say "lol" too much....lol <br />
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