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    ummmmm....Whats there to say lol <br />
    I'm Ninja Disco Frog (used to be abaraiRAV3N/RAV3N) or ND Frog for short. I have come back to Gaia to engage in random shenanigans and a bit of zOMG. Hugs are a definite fuel source to me living so any hugs are welcome and greatly appreciated :3 lol <br />
    You can find me galavanting in Zen Gardens or slaying some Outlaw Pups for funnsies or sometimes actually following the storyline xD I'm also trying to get back into RPing and some art forums instead of lurking and going ""oooo! Look at ze pretty pictars! biggrin ".<br />
    So yeah. Frog. Likes Disco. Killin evil Dolls and giving free hugs. Whats more to love? xD
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