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  • Artist Info: Hello, welcome to my profile as you can see my user name doesn't label me gay if you think I am gay then your just as bad then everyone else.also I am the orginal Ninja Kitty Fiend in case I caused promblems. My name is Josh you future petfile if I meet you in town well sorry if I pissed you off,my mood depends what I listen to in the mourning I listen to any kind of music and I love it! Music is the only reason why I'm eccentric. If you met me in real life you be laughing your ass off. I am kind of annoying at times and kind of bored. I am not really social able. In real life I really anti-social then anything. I'll admit that well yes I'm single I don't really care about it. It just my opinion but fake love is just good enough to be suicide to me. Don't give me bull crap about random crap as spam and others ECT. it already filled most of inbox ok<br />
    <br />
    My quest is to make matching items like of a rainbow so far I have completed colors are:<br />
    WHITE<br />
    RED<br />
    Black<br />
    GREEN<br />
    PURPLE<br />
    BLUE<br />
    MULTI-COLOR<br />
    YELLOW<br />
    ORANGE<br />
    <br />
    pending colors:<br />
    Brown<br />
    PINK<br />
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