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  • Artist Info: its really nun of yr business to be reading this but watevr im yr average person. i hate wen ppl that i no in realife call me emo or goth just becuse the way i act and dress(i dress black) also wen they say im on steriods just becuz i beat them in about evrything. im totally not gonna say my age becuz i dont no the other ppl that r on the other side wen i first see u i hate u but if i get to no u i will probably change (i really dought it )but idk. im a capricorn.im also a total tomboy i like to play with boys better than girls becuz some girls not all get mad to fast. i REALLY!!!! hate this girl thats in my class becuz she such a bitch,slut,and too happy just( between u and me she tries to show her little cherry boobs in front of the boys). like wtf. i no how to draw anime its like a hobby evr since i was in 2nd grade. I REALLY hate PPL THAT ARE TWO FACED!!!!<br />
    I LIKE SCARY MOVIES LIKE BOOGEYMAN OR JIGSAW OR EVEN FRIDAY THE 13TH. so yeah thats pretty much about me . , oh and if u want to no more just ask me dont be a pussy like the girl in my class.
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