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  • Artist Info: So the first thing you should know about me is that I love One Piece. It is an awesome anime and manga by Oda! I also collect Batman stuff and have a passion for making cupcakes even though I do not want to open a cupcake shop. Right now I'm in college and its kicking my buns but that is ok because I have a SUPER! sister to help me with my school junk. My sister also likes One Piece and the character she is fangirling over right now is Franky he is also super lol. I also fangirl over One piece characters my favs. right now are Jinbei, Moriah, and Foxy. I love all batman villians not one is better than the other except KillerMoth that guy is just dumb. I love to draw and have a deviantart account if you are interested in seeing my art go here http://jokergirl101.deviantart.com/ . I have a One Piece OC Cleryce she is in most of my art. I love to rp so if you like to please invite me to some of your forums I would be happy to join in. <br />
    My sister is also a great artist and has a deviantart. Her Avi ID is Despicable Girl so go check her out she is super!<br />
    Anyway thats all you really need to know about me so hope we become friends and see you then.<br />
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