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  • Artist Info: hmmm... lets see here...<br />
    let me tell you a few things about myself:<br />
    i read alot. i mean ALOT. you may think its nerdy but it the truth is: well, it is. XD<br />
    my fav books are the hunger games (3) quantum prophecy(4) inkheart(3) series of unfortunate events(13) maximum ride(7 and counting..) lord of the rings (4) may bird(3) uglies (4).. ok, i guess i could go on forever... smile <br />
    i love listening to music. and i love starbucks(random, but true)<br />
    i play basketball, and run track and cross country. im also really in to art (painting, sculpting, drawing, ect.)<br />
    i have an undescribable style (no worries, i dont dress like a hoboXD<br />
    i LOVE orange soda (crush, prefeably) and chocolate milk(yummmy)<br />
    i like italian food bestXD<br />
    are you a nerdfighter?! i sure am. see you on nerdfightaria!<br />
    dont be my friend if your never gonna talk to me (cuz what would be the point)<br />
    and if you buy me anything from my wish list i will 1)love you forever 2) find a way to pay you back<br />
    oh and i love random comments and/or PMs<br />
    sooo yeah, i think that about covers it XD<br />
    i know, im pretty jokes.<br />
    and DFTBA!!
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