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    Dante Drkslayer is who I am, my age is of no importance, if you are a very close friend or family of mine then I shall tell you if you request it. I am the kind of person who tends to be silent through most group conversations, I am a bit easy to get along with but be warned, if you decide to double cross me, expect me to be unpleasant with you. if you are to be my ally then I ask of you to not bother or bring any harm to my friends and family. I am a gamer whom plays fantasy, shooters, racing, horror, fighting, Rpg and many more, some of that you not heard and many of the popular titles such as Final Fantasy and/or Kingdom hearts. I most of the time spend my days listening to music and/or draw. I read many manga titles, very little of chapter books. For now that is all the information about myself until future notice, good day to you all.
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