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  • Artist Info: name: Hayley<br />
    age:16<br />
    birthday:April 21, 1993 <br />
    sign: Taurus <br />
    Year of the: Rooster<br />
    height:5Ft 3in <br />
    weight:101lbs <br />
    hair color: Brown<br />
    eye color: Brown <br />
    aura: Lavander <br />
    element: Water <br />
    weather: rainy <br />
    <br />
    User Image<br />
    <br />
    sin: wrath <br />
    User Image<br />
    fav color: Blue, Black, and purple<br />
    <br />
    User Image<br />
    <br />
    fav movie: Nightmare before christmas (ITS AWESOME!!!)<br />
    sibling: two sisters one bro (not sure we're even related...) <br />
    theme song:Memories--within temptation <br />
    school: what do you care?! <br />
    career: fallen angel<br />
    pets: kitty-kat<br />
    myotaku. com username: i...kinda forgot ^^; <br />
    i'm a fangirl of: Sasuke (not the over obsessive kind), Lawliet<br />
    <br />
    User Image<br />
    <br />
    POEM <br />
    <br />
    Hey girl, don't kill yourself<br />
    There's a million other people caring 'bout your health<br />
    And I just happen to be one of them<br />
    Don't make it so that to death you're condemned<br />
    Don't do it cause your parents don't mind<br />
    Can't you listen to your conscience speaking up from behind<br />
    Cause I will be terribly grieved<br />
    If you give up on your life and everybody indeed<br />
    We all would miss you<br />
    Even if you didn't know<br />
    Even if it doesn't show<br />
    We all would miss you<br />
    Just hang in there for the ones you love<br />
    I know you've got someone you can stay above on<br />
    Hey girl, don't make yourself sink lower<br />
    Just use whatever you've got left<br />
    To stay bereft of that<br />
    Feeling like nobody's there for you<br />
    I know of what you're capable, what you can do<br />
    Try to stay up and running for me<br />
    Don't put yourself into a trap to just bleed and bleed<br />
    Put down your bottle of booze<br />
    You'll just make yourself lose and lose<br />
    You can drink and drink to try to get yourself out<br />
    But when you're done you'll just end up in a world of doubt<br />
    Everyone has problems<br />
    But even when you do<br />
    You don't have to lose<br />
    I know what you're going through<br />
    I used to be there just holding a knife<br />
    To my arm to decide if I should end the strife<br />
    That's the unfortunate truth<br />
    Where I used to be<br />
    How I wanted to flee<br />
    But look at me<br />
    How I got myself free<br />
    It may have taken two years<br />
    And getting over my fears<br />
    But girl, you can do it too<br />
    I believe in you<br />
    Just like I said, I know what you can do<br />
    So rise above, and rise against<br />
    All the pressure in the world<br />
    You can do it, girl<br />
    I know<br />
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