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  • Artist Info: Apathetic(sometimes), Odd, Emutional, Outspoken, Mexican.WHAAAAT It's All about: (Music=life) , quotes, photography, born one day and two years after Jermiah Ray Warner , one of the greatest human beings in the multiverse. Love, Famliy, Photography, Woodstock, Counterculture, Vintage, Charlie the Unicorn, Art, Raechel Miller is the shizz, hats, and all things victorian. I have a case of the dreamer's disease. I want to......Become a great Photographer, Musician, decent artist, Acrobat , and a X-ray Technician. Do random stuff like roller derby, bungee jumping etc. Live in a huge yellow Victorian House, with a swing on the balcony, have an orchard and a farm behind my house, with a huge field of sunflowers, lots of cherry blossom trees and a huge oak tree in the front with a tire swing. Get married with the love of my life, tour Europe, buy my dad a truck and have children. <br />
    The End<br />
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    Any Comments, Questions, Concerns? <br />
    Ask Away <br />
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    "Imitation is suicide". -Waldo Emmerson
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