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  • Artist Info: Hey! My name's Anna I'm sixteen, and a junior in high school. I love goth and punk style, and making my own clothes so I can be different. Being different is choice...and partially just who I am, because different is awesome. Normality is over-rated. Plus I rock at designing clothes. Ha. I like a variety of music, the weirder the better sometimes, as you can see from my playlist. I would have more really weird music on there if I could remember what the names of the songs are...I suffer from short term memory loss a lot. I dance at a local studio; ballet, lyrical and Broadway; I love dancing! I have a lot of glitches too, like the voices that are supposed to tell you to shut up so you don't get into trouble...I don't have that.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    --♥Be a Freak...it feels good.
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