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  • Artist Info: You should probably know my name. If you don't, beat it J@ck@$$E$!!! XD(jk i enjoy visitors). For those people who I accidentally called a jackass in the last sentence, my name is James. James Smith. So bland, I know XP (theres even a club of Jim Smiths, who knew?). I'm sort of a girlish male in a way, it depends how you look at me. I'm also pretty much your basic geek, smartass, wutevr. I play clarinet, bassoon, tenor sax, currently baritone sax in stage band, and i'm trying the trumpet out right now ( emo ). I've pretty much the woodwind guy, except for flutes. I live somewhere over the rainbow in Kansas, as a moosey!!! dramallama . WOW u almost walked into that one XDDD dramallama . plz no hatemail, w4w, pc4pc bcuz i dunno what those mean anyways but nvm that. <br />
    For those people who just enjoy stalking other people, heres wut i like:<br />
    -ROOT BEER (more addicting than crack)<br />
    -Music of course<br />
    -ASHLEY!!&lt;33(XDD)<br />
    -all my friends, girls or guys YAYYZ<br />
    What I don't like:<br />
    -DIET ROOT BEER i mean c' mon<br />
    -those shirts that make people feel stupid<br />
    -the people that wear those shirts *coughs* demetris and dressler *coughs* LMFAO JK<br />
    -whenever people use "Smith" in their examples, sometimes it is insulting<br />
    So to end this little paragraph, I just wanna say so we're clear I'll be any animal you wish just NO UNICORNS PLZZ XD and LEAVE COMMENTS I GET LONELYZ!! thank you and have a pheasant pluckin day!!! XDD<br />
    p.s. i miss u so much ashley!!!
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