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  • Artist Info: When I was about the age of seven years old, I was chosen to become a Rope Shrine Maiden. I was chosen through a game of Demon Tag that was played on the 26th of November 1827. All of the girls in my family above the age of seven, including myself, were gathered into an unspecified room in our house. The last girl to be caught during this game, which in this case was myself, was destined to become the next Rope Shrine Maiden. It was believed that the last girl caught during the game had the most holy power, as she was able to evade the "oni" for the longest time. I was considered the best choice for being sacrificed in the Strangling Ritual, as my holy power would be the most effective at sealing the Hell Gate.<br />
    Immediately following the Demon Tag Ritual, I was taken away from my family and put into seclusion from outside world for the next 10 years. During this time, I lived alone in my cell at Himuro Mansion with hardly any guests and only the attending priests for company.<br />
    Near the end of my seclusion period, there was a visitor staying at the mansion. I saw him out of my window, and we met one another unexpectedly in the Cherry Atrium. He continued to visit me and tell me about the outside world, and I slowly began to fall in love with him, and learn the simple joys of life.<br />
    Suddenly, the young man stopped visiting. I was told by the head priest, that the young man had gone back to his village. The truth was that my father ordered the man to be disposed of, out of fear that he was becoming too close to me and might cause my not to fulfill my duty as the Rope Shrine Maiden. I eventually learned the truth, when I dreamed of my lover one night. His tragic death made me feel guilty and upset that I had gotten the poor man involved.<br />
    The day before the ritual, I had a strange dream about a samurai who spoke of a Holy Mirror. He told me that breaking the mirror was the only way to stop the ritual and for me to be with the man I loved.<br />
    I wrote in my diary that the mansion was bustling with life, as all of the Himuro family members had come for the ritual. I purified herself in the Moon Well and was escorted by my Father and the other priests to the Rope Altar. I was tied down by my hands, neck, and feet, and each of the priests turned the gears connected to the corresponding rope, strangling me to death. The blood-soaked ropes were then taken and bound in front of the Hell Gate.<br />
    Due to my doubts, guilt, and wish to live, my ropes failed to bind the Hell Gate, and it swung open, shattering the Holy Mirror and releasing the Malice, which began to spread throughout the entire mansion.<br />
    As the Malice possessed my spirit, I split into two forms: my adult form, possessed by the Malice, and my younger form, that remained untainted. My younger form tried to find a way to free the mansion of its curse and fulfill my duty.<br />
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    I got my page from coolpresets.com<br />
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