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  • Artist Info: 4laugh Hello My namer Is eek etto.....well nvm anyways i love to draw and love learning new things. Right now im doing alot in my long classes in high school lol learning two Languages encluding english still i dont think i have perfeted it yet but im getting there smile . I LOVE ANIMALS !!! my pet died cry that makes me really sad when i think about it but i guess things just happen sad . But anyways biggrin im 16 love to draw,talk and Talk lol i guess i kinda like parties but not by much I use to be really shy well at least i thought i was everyone kept telling me "you shy? yea right" lol i guess it was just me who saw it since there we're so many things on my mind i never did them biggrin but now i wont hold back for no one you can hate me or love me up to you i just learned not to care lol smile i enjoied making ppl happy but not anymore 4laugh i care more for what i have to say then to give you what you want like they say truth hurts smile but at least i didnt lie well i think thats all i have to say lol well love ya byes Sayonara<br />
    Adios heart
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