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    Hi I'm Jazz. <br />
    I am a twenty-six year old female. <br />
    I live in southern minnesota. <br />
    I love animals. <br />
    I am always looking for people to talk to or just chill with. <br />
    I am currently employeed in a bakery. <br />
    Yummy stuff. <br />
    I like to go fishing in the summer and spring, after all this is the land of 10,000 lakes. <br />
    I catch and release though, I dont eat anything that once looked at me. <br />
    No, I am not a vegetarian, I would just feel weird eating something that looked me in the face. <br />
    I love Sailor Moon, an old friend got me started on it, and I am hooked. <br />
    I love to role play. <br />
    I am also an avid reader.<br />
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