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  • Artist Info: heya smile my name is Anastazia and im 12 years young. im a really happy person, so, i get very hyper, but, please, do not get on my bad side wink i go to ballet lessons, my uniform for ballet is black and lilac. my fave flavour of milkshake is banana, and i LOVE foreign foods! i get bullied at school, because, apparently, im a cat? i kno what ur thinking, 'wtf?', but ur not the only one smile i really don't know why the call me a cat O.o<br />
    also, im 1/4 vampire, and i do good in school. top set in english(literacy), and second sets in maths and science, which is really good, cuz st 5 is LOOOOOOOOOW! that means ur a dumb f****r smile i wanna be a fashion designer when im older, but at the same time, work at a beauty parlour with my mother on free time smile <br />
    and, 4 last words, im going to tell u what i like, in a list =]<br />
    my parents<br />
    my cat (kiti)<br />
    purple<br />
    art<br />
    drawing<br />
    school-3 out of 5 in ratings<br />
    my best mates-zara, sheila, carla, georgia, hannah, melissa<br />
    pink<br />
    perfume<br />
    coka cola<br />
    pepsi<br />
    rainbows<br />
    the rain<br />
    the sun<br />
    long green grass<br />
    peacock feathers<br />
    porcelain dolls<br />
    piano<br />
    violin<br />
    travelling around the wold<br />
    well, i fink thats it for now, bye!<br />
    <br />
    xOxOxOxO<br />
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