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  • Artist Info: &lt;3Tha Name is Taryn, 13 years young, June 7th, ( tha day im blowin my candlez out) i wasnt born to please youu, so don't count on it. I believe in Karma so Watch Your Back.<br />
    Most likely im nothing like youu. And Thats Okay Cuz I'm Really Not a wannabe. I'm not perfect, infact im not even close, I♥My Mommy. Shes my best friend smile <br />
    &Dont Be Surprised if my sox don't match, & I'm Just a lil' Random...Thats how i like it. <br />
    I Am Single, & like i said, I know what i want now. You've been right beside me all along. Im ready to go forever. With a few breaks here & therr'....if thats okayy with yooh! Because i've come to realize the breaks we take help me to understand how much i need you in my life. <br />
    Somedayy i wont need that reassurance & i can live happily everr after with thaa man of my dreams!♥ & baby, id rather be on &off with you than lose you forever &let some other Bitch claim MY man. So dont take what went down as a bad thing. Everything i said has been true. i dont regret one word.<br />
    I D0 have a facebook and if i know you well enuff i can give it to yah biggrin Any kwestiuns?....maybeee....<br />
    Get to know me, promise youu wont regret it♥...<br />
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