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  • Artist Info: Hey Gorgeous,~<br />
    My name's Megan, I am a wonderer, a rebel, Got it? Yay!<br />
    Wanna be friends? heart <br />
    im 17, 18 on April 6 x3<br />
    female all the way ^_^!<br />
    Yahoo? Skipper_megan@yahoo.com<br />
    I write poems! I can sorta draw look me up in the art arenas!<br />
    i love handcuffs xP, boys, and ramen!!!!!!!!!<br />
    i support all my friends no matter how mad they will make meh! x3 <br />
    i don't like reading a lot but i will if im interested.<br />
    well, i think that's all<br />
    i may add more later <br />
    Ja'ne! heart
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