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    If you're on Recolor.me, my name there is "Ayanoia" <br />
    Chat me up! ^__^<br />
    Hello, I'm Ayame-Yuura. Aya for short. <br />
    I'm an Aries<br />
    Yes, I like grandiose and marvelous and wonderful. <br />
    ...As well as cupcakes, animals and cheesecake... <br />
    I cannot be described in a single phrase because I'm a multi-faceted person <br />
    My likes change depending on my mood <br />
    Sometimes, I like cute, pink things with ribbons and whipped cream <br />
    Other times, I like blood, vampires and rollercoasters <br />
    But most of the time, I'm just a total goofball who likes spoofs, wacky things and random PMs <br />
    My favorite colors in order of favoritism, first being the most favorite, are: Purple, red, black, white and yellow <br />
    I love literature and music most. <br />
    In fact, I write stories, songs and poems <br />
    You can sample them in my journal <br />
    Which can be viewed through my profile <br />
    Be warned, I am not gentle to those who hurt my friends <br />
    I'm good friends with the report button <br />
    My favorite subject is history <br />
    Yes, I like philosophy and philosophical debate <br />
    I'm open-minded about a lot of ideas<br />
    But I have a sincere dislike of ignorant and close-minded people<br />
    I am careful with my personal information <br />
    And therefore, that is all you need to know about me <br />
    + I like avi art and banners with my name on it <br />
    If you wanted to know what to get me for Christmas. Lol. <br />
    <br />
    Right now, I'm very interested in guilds. In fact, I used to run one myself! This is what took up most of my gaia time and attention~<br />
    <br />
    R.I.P. TAP. May you rise from the ashes once again.<br />
    <br />
    ~Come Party with us~
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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    <br />
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