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  • Artist Info: Ello everyone! I'm Kitty! (Mew-Mew really)<br />
    I go by Mel or Kitty around Gaia, and my favorite color is a lovely sky blue. =3<br />
    <br />
    I pop up on Gaia from time to time, mostly when my friends BEG me to get on, or something like that mainly when I bored nowadays, but if you catch me when I'm on (if you even know when I'm on) invite me to roleplay, I'm a pretty decent writers (so says my teachers and my friends) and I can be pretty crafty with characters from time to time, depending on the roleplay.<br />
    I'm up for any kind of roleplay, really, but I prefer kinds that require "pretty posts" and crafty profiles full of custom colors. I love coding, you have no idea =D I have a track record for taking part in Pokemon roleplays, but please, please get me out of this loop!<br />
    I love to draw, I'm always drawing, so if you're talking to me and I don't reply, I'm probably drawing ^w^ I'm trying to post more in the arena here on Gaia, but if you really wanna see, check out my Deviant Art! I post there more than anything =D<br />
    Logan C. Oliver and her friends from Saint Madison (and her not so canon BF Beranabus) make loads of appearances there.<br />
    But really, don't push it, I may be sweet but I CAN blow up real quick. -waggles finger- I have my opinions, and when I get to express them, I do!<br />
    Well, see ya around!<br />
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