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    ζ: sora_motto96 :ζ<br />
    .:: soɹɐ‾ɯoʇʇo69 ::.
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    hey everyone, this is my pro! -^^- i am 15. sometimes, Sora. i prefer Sora if i don't know you irl. Unless i tell you its okay. i like the Kingdom Hearts series and other square enix games. i have been here since december 2007. in that long of a time, i have made wonderful friends here on gaia. some of my friends irl have an account here too! i only told one person, and it spread like a virus. i spend my time here when i wanna escape the real world for a while. and be a virtual dude. And who doesn't? that's why they have Second Life, the Sims, or video games in general. Why am i playing RPG's? because i want to go on a journey and actually do something exciting. why am i playing a shooter? cuz i wanna shoot someone's face off. So why am i playing video games? Because i wanna do stuff that if i tried here i could; one, go to jail; go to prison, which is like jail, but worse; or considered town crazy, which will also end me up in jail.<br />
    <br />
    So as you can see, video games covers about half of my life. True, i am a junky, but i CAN(sorry, AM) getting awesome grades. And about half of what i learn, comes from video games. Quick. ask me anything on football. I'll have no idea, cuz i never played Madden. Ask me if Magic is better than Swordplay, i'll say yeah. Magic is ALWAYS better than swordplay, or close combat. And hand eye coordination also came from playing video games; and quick thinking, which is really helpful. I also got into tech by owning a psone (suck it x box! ps3 FTW!!)cuz it fascinated me that you can do this in a tiny box, through a small less than a centimeter disc.<br />
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    ~.:Random Symbols!:.~<br />
    ¢ ± ╬ ♂ ∞ ♥☻☺♠♣♦○◘• « δ ╥ ² Θ ╙ ≤ à █ Ä ╖ ╦ ⌠ ª ╚ ┼ ▀ ■ ↓ ¿ û ⌐ ε ▓╓ ╒ è Ö ► ■ Γ ♫ ö ├ ▒ ⌂ * § ╚ ≡ ß Θ <br />
    <br />
    .:LINK TO MY MULE ACCOUNT!!:.<br />
    <br />
    MILK<br />
    •Regular<br />
    •Diet Regular<br />
    2 PERCENT!!!!<br />
    •Soy<br />
    •Chunky Milk<br />
    2 PERCENT Chunky<br />
    •Not really yogurt, but looks like yogurt but if you eat it you'll get food poisoning<br />
    2 PERCE- oh we already did that one... ;-;<br />
    ALCHOHOL<br />
    •BEER!<br />
    2 PERCENT BEER!!!<br />
    •Diet Beer<br />
    •Soy Beer<br />
    •Vodka<br />
    2 PERCENT Vodka<br />
    •Vodka for the abnormally impaired<br />
    •SAKE! nuff said...<br />
    •Wine<br />
    •Red Wine<br />
    •White Wine<br />
    •Blue Wine<br />
    •Rainbow Wine<br />
    •Cheese with W(H)ine<br />
    2 PERCENT Rainbow Wine<br />
    CHICKEN!<br />
    (coming soon...)<br />
    <br />
    ~. biggrin ONATIONS!:.~<br />
    (( from 11/30/08 ))<br />
    yvonne120496: Pantheracorax Agate 7th Gen blaugh <br />
    Anriko: Faunzy's Flute blaugh , Deluxe Blue Flame Shirt<br />
    Ayaa-yun: Brown Liripipe Hood blaugh <br />
    Yueviathan: Hermes Moon 4th Gen blaugh , Birthday Cupcake<br />
    Avatar1308: LUV-01X Cupid's Fast Response Armor blaugh <br />
    Deadpool Panda: Will-O-The-Wisp blaugh
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