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      bonjouur, <br />
      <br />
      * cσmmєntt;víєw;mєssαgє
      <br />
      this about me section scrolls, btw. (;
      <br />
      - where to begin, where to being ?<br />
      hannah-rae. thirteen. taken.
      <br />
      <br />
      ` to start things off, i'm not your typical teenage girl. i'm probably the most weirdest, most unique, and most random kid ever, believe it or not.<br />
      i'm pretty sensitive, but i can take jokes too. i love to talk, i can hold a conversation with a person for a good few hours. just like every other teen, i do have a diry mind. but i try and keep it clean; regularly. whatever i say, don't take it to heart. i can be a rude person at times, but sometimes you need a little push to get you going. just because we have billion and gazillion of microchips between us, doesn't mean i can't listen to your problems, i practically live to help out people.<br />
      <br />
      anything you'd wish to know about me, feel free to ask by leaving a comment or a private message.<br />
      i don't bite. (:<br />
      <br />
      (these pictures you see <br />
      around on my profile were 100% <br />
      taken by me. please no copyrighting.)
    <br />
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