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    Kyle used to be a good guy… He grew up as the All American Kid; The only child of a privileged family, dedicated Eagle Scout, straight A student, Captain of the baseball team, student body president, the apple of his step-father’s eye, and the ability to be grandfathered into any collage his little heart desired in order to finally start fulfilling his dreams of becoming a doctor.<br />
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    He was a sweet and innocent young man with a big heart and a deep set desire to help people….<br />
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    That was…until his step father, Kumatsu Tatsuya, was killed in a tragic “accident” on his way home from work. A week after Tatsuya’s funeral Kyle found during the reading of his step-father’s will that he, being Tatsuya’s only child, would be expected to take over the ‘business’ that had been responsible for keeping his family living comfortably all these years and that had handed him a free ride to a greater education.<br />
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    He became the Oyabun of the Unmei Kettō. A powerful Yakuza gang operating out of both America, and it’s homeland in Japan.<br />
    Now Kyle struggles to come to terms with his new position of power as well as the reality of his family’s sometimes unsavory occupational choices, on top of learning how to deal with his father’s loyal but wild subordinates. <br />
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