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    Hey everybody, I'm back! You see, I come from the far off distance of 2003, back when GaiaOnline hadn't sold their soul to the devil and I hadn't drowned in announcements every second I switched to a new screen.<br />
    <br />
    Anyways, you're probably asking yourselves: why is she back again? So kind of you to ask. I'm here to Role Play with my bestest best friend: Jocelyn. You see, we started this awesome one on one story (sounds kinky doesn't it?) and you guys get to hear nothing about it. Yay! Well I guess I should officially mention that even after all these years, I still like to RP. I learned how to RP on GaiaOnline due to awesome people like Karmeth, Santarus, Juriath, JackFrost, ScarletVixen, Melchom yeah those people! heart But sadly I only really talk to one of these people anymore: Karmeth.<br />
    <br />
    Anyways, don't I sound like a fantabolous person?! Here's other little facts that should've taken up the bulk of this About Me column instead: I'm a girl, I'm 21 as of Oct 5, 2011, I'm in Community College and am particularly interested in Fredonia for their Geophysics degree. That also means I'm into Geology, Physics, Astronomy, and though very few will actually get me to admit it, biology too (it's "b" isn't even in caps). Even though I don't have a strong interest for it anymore, I use to write and draw a lot. I also use to watch a lot of animation and read a lot of manga.<br />
    <br />
    Yep, the only thing that stuck was RPing really, so of course I'm going to advertise for awesome new RP buddies!
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