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  • Artist Info: My name is imran and i really don't like people who doesn't respect other people... anyway i'm 16 and i'm a collage student. I can say i love playing counter strike source and other war games. I don't talk to people much. I see the world in a different sight. People comes and go, each person is like a candle lit with flame and when the candle is fully melted the flame dies out... just like us. we are not permanent we are only temporary... so live your lives to the fullest don't let anything get in your way. I really don't know my personality sometimes i suck sometimes i really sucks. I really don't like animes nor mangas. I'm more interested in history and world war 1 and 2. Not because I'm interested in this it doesn't makes me automatically a war freak... I'm just interested in what's happening around the world. If you are wondering what kind of music i listen to. Here are the kind of music i usually listen to: i like musics that are Rock, Alternative rock, Heavy metal. I hate musics that are emo and love. It makes me sick. Anyway thanks for viewing my profile<br />
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