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    My names Angeli and im 19 years old. My moms Asian while my dads an American so that clearly tells u that im half of both. Lol. Does that make any sense?? Well putting that aside i enjoy hanging out with friends, shopping and jst having loads of fun. I find vampires and werewolves really fascinating beings. And if I had the chance meeting one of their kind that would be totally awesome, like a dream come true. Asides from vampires i also love chocolates, music, fashion, anything that is cute, flowers, animals, gadgets, sports, traveling, etc. Basically, these are the few things that i love meaning there's more where that came from. smile My favorite colors are pink, aquamarine, black, gray and brown. Now, for the things that i dnt like, there r a lot but in particular are liars, fakers, and racists. That's about everything i guess. wink <3
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