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  • Artist Info: Not much you need to know!<br />
    Well, ok.<br />
    You, yeah you, can call me Evelynn. ^^<br />
    I am married! Woot! x3<br />
    I friggin love to draw o.o<br />
    I am a YAOI FREAK<br />
    Don't like Yaoi? ITS OK<br />
    add me anyway x3<br />
    LOVE YAOI?<br />
    ADD ME ALREADY!<br />
    hehe anyway.<br />
    I was a twilight-freak at one time.<br />
    Not that into it anymore.<br />
    BTW this is me O:<br />
    i look like a librarian to me e.e<br />
    User Image<br />
    well, now here's me without them x3<br />
    User Image<br />
    woot!<br />
    boredom is striking me... <br />
    leaving now!
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