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  • Artist Info: Hi! I'm lemmy2031 and this is my profile! I hope you enjoy it! Me and my friends had a great time making it! I hope you love it! If you want to be my friend just send me a message I never reject unless you're a creepy stalker! If you see my posts naywhere always go and look at it and reply!! And I'm updating the Teddy Bear Jamz soon. I had it all done but then something happened and now I have a brown teddy bear (not a red one) with all these weird songs on it....<br />
    10-8<br />
    Hey everybody! It's lemmy again and as you can see I'm ready for Halloween! Yay!!! My little person is going as a monster and she looks ah--dorable! Oh and Happy Yom Kippur! I just wanted to get that out there for all of my Jewish friends in the world!
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