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  • Artist Info: Hey hullo whats up and so on and so forth, my name is kiki and i love anime and drawing manga! i love to read and dance and do all sortsa crazy things. i like to dress up as a school girl in real life fromt ime to time but im usually pretty laid back. not that dressing like a tomboy gets rid of my stalkers. i usually dress in a normal t-shirt and jeans unless i feel random then i'll dress like some random anime character to school and people will wonder why im so weird at times lmao >< I HATE STALKERS!!!! Stalkers are evil weirdos at my school who send me weird love notes and notes that say to call them but i never do unless i feel like prank calling people ^^ oh yea and if ur going to say u like me at least mean it cause i dont like it when people dont know me then say they like me then find out they dont care for me and leave me alone, cause that hurts. yea i may seem like i dont care when it happens but it leaves a big ouchie in my heart <.> and i hate posers and how people are always trying to lie to me... i dislike dishonesty and o love to use my imagimacation and big words on people so yea message me and we could probably be good freinds ^^ i like to be oh-so random and im pretty easy to talk to. I loves to draw manga and am currently working on a webcomic w/my freind peace-until-2morrow. yeppers so yea... wow teh awkwardness has invaded this box so im gonna taketh my leave now ^^<br />
    ~KIKI♥☻♥♠<br />
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