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  • Artist Info: My nickname is Little. I am quite little indeed.<br />
    I'm sort of obsessed with apple juice. I hate orange juice.<br />
    I like funny, action, and scary movies. Anything else is just kinda dumb... The best two movies in the entire world are How to Train your Dragon and Megamind. I love laughing! It makes life tolerable. I like to watch anime, haven't much recently, but I like it still. I LOVE RPG's too! I'm a gamer, and it ticks me off that girl gamers are such a rarity...<br />
    I use too many smiley faces when I text.<br />
    I loooove techno/electronica, but I'll just about listen to anything that isn't old, gross, or country.<br />
    My boyfriend is the most amazing person in the entire world! I love him so much! We look totally opposite, but who cares. He's perfect! &lt;3
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