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  • Artist Info: -Full Name: Asakura Momo Niwa<br />
    -Age:17<br />
    -Orientation: Bi<br />
    -Status: Singel :&gt;<br />
    -Eye Color: Left Eye-Light Blue<br />
    Right Eye- Light Red<br />
    -Hair Color: Left Half- Light Red<br />
    Right Half- Light Blue<br />
    -Likes: YAOI!!!!!!<br />
    Yuri<br />
    Running Around Randomly<br />
    Pokeing People<br />
    Sitting On Peoples head<br />
    Parties<br />
    Playing Random Games ex: T or D<br />
    Random People<br />
    Funny People<br />
    SASUKExNARUTO!!!!!!<br />
    -Dis-Likes: Clowns<br />
    People who hate<br />
    and.....<br />
    CLOWNS!!!! D: <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Asakura Is A Loveing Multi-Personatiy Gurl.<br />
    She Can Be A Funny Random Lil Girl<br />
    Or A Sex Craving Beast ._. <br />
    She also have her "Emo Momnets"<br />
    Sometimes Its A Mixture of everything<br />
    At Times She Can Be A bit "slow"<br />
    And at other times she can be ready to kick sum ass biggrin <br />
    Asakura HATES it when people start to act like her =.=<br />
    "JUST BE UR DAMN SELF!"<br />
    Asakura Have 2 pussies<br />
    1 named Tokyo<br />
    and the other named Sushu!<br />
    She's Not really The "gurly-Gurl" type of girl<br />
    At one point in her life she was a TOM-BOY!<br />
    But then she grew boobs &lt;.&lt; <br />
    Its hard to be a boy when u have huge bewbbies D:<br />
    Asakura LOVES YAOI!!!<br />
    Her Fav. Yaoi Couple In the Hole FUCKING WORLD ish Sasuke x Naruto!<br />
    If you show it to her {non-stop} She will LOSE HER FUCKING MIND o:<br />
    Becoming Friends With This Sexii Lil Niwa Is the bestthing that wil ever happen to chu!<br />
    Belive me ^ ~<br />
    You Can Call Asakura 3 things<br />
    1: Asakura x3<br />
    2:Asa {Plz Dont Make fun of This Nick name by saying "ima rape Asa ass" and shit like dat =.=}<br />
    3: Niwa!
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