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  • Artist Info: Hey, My name is Trevor, I am 13 years old and I luff sports. My fav sport right now is soccer. I live in Canada And right now in Manitoba they are thinking were gonna get a flood. So that's good. Naawt. I'm into girls, so, guys, don't ask. xD. Born on March 18th 1996 I came from my mom. o.O . I luff cookiez . and stalking random people around. I have breakdanced for 4 years. Still haven't mastered the windmill but i'm tryin. I free run/parkour alot. Love to hang out, watch movies and all that other crap.I've met this girl, and shes amazing, the best thing any man could wish for. Thats all yuh need to know 'bout meh. PM me if your wonderin 'bout anything else. Peaace . (Look at my hat! I need a name for it. Some1 help mee with a name!!!)<br />
    <br />
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