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  • Artist Info: Hi ! My name is Boat ! now I am 19 years old . I think I am <br />
    reliable and kind but I used to smile only to my family / friend so many people think that I am not funny and serious ...... so now I am trying to smile to other people as well . My hobbies is drawing a picture as you can see the picture that drawed by me and I also like to collect a figure / model . My favorite color is yellow and blue . I like sour and sweet things ...... and yeah ! I hate chocolate and pumpkin ! . Many of my friends said that it's really weird because more than half of people in this world love chocolate . But whatever - - " , I am looking forward to become one of your friend . and I hope that everyone who visited my profile will be happy and lucky in their daily life na ^^" <br />
    <br />
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