• Snowflakes falling everyday
    I reach out and feel them melt away
    Slowing coming down on me
    I shriek with joy as they fall
    Forever I have dreamed of snow
    For my first Christmas had none that I know
    All I've ever known before
    Were bedtime stories and fairy tales
    This is a dream come true
    I spin around
    The falling snow
    Makes no sound
    I stick out my tongue
    To have snowflakes fall
    And melt away in my mouth
    I pick up a snowball
    And throw it
    But then
    It begins to fade
    The snowflakes, and snowballs
    Drift away
    Tears fall down my face
    As I look around
    And it disappears
    I finally realize
    It's just another dream
    I wake up
    On Christmas day
    Disappointed again
    Another years gone by
    And no snowflakes fall
    I think I may die