• As The sky is white and snow gently falls from the sky and a sing flake caresses your skin, many people do not realize that this flake is more that just a flake or that this is more than just snow but the beauty that or earth shows.

    Some people do not realize the beauty of our earth andhow each flake is its own individual and each person is the same.

    For even with beauty, nature must also show its hideous side. For the snow surrounds humans and when one is not prepared, then their life is consumed by the wintery beauty

    Like the majestic king of animals, the lions must eat other animals to survive

    And a beautiful women puts others down to enhance herself.

    Everything has a darker side like Life and Death, Summer and Winter, Love and Hate, Peace and War

    Unfortunately, the good enhances the bad, but then the bad enhances the good so th world is balance for when part of the world i a field of dead bodies without a single living thing in site, somewhere else on earth thirves with life

    This is the equilibrium which helps people truly understand nature and helps on find the meaning of life. This is why one shouldn't judge someone else and why one should always respect one another, for we all have a purpose in life, and when our purpose is done, we can live peacefully with peace in our hearts and truly understand beauty, life, and wh one must truly be kind.

    So the next time you see true nature, a field of flowers or a field of snow, take time to truly understand what is happening, nature's kind heart has decided to let you, see potential for everyone can excell to heights unknown.