• A Sleeping Valentine

    Lost in the dark, she was, as she walked, faded voices in her head.

    Caught between the pages of right and wrong.

    Indeed she could not grasp the truth, the truth that he was really gone.

    She went along, baring the pain of these broken memories.

    These all so soothing tears of hope fell upon her sun lit face.

    These lonely days, how can she find herself in this dark.

    She is willing to give her everything, my everything.

    In hope there is a way out of this cloud stained with the blackness of doubt.

    Every time this black storm of doubt rages, it takes a life away.

    The cold thoughts, these dying wishes, indeed her heart was lost in the darkness.

    Her true name was lost to the hunger of the darkness. She stared upon the true details of the black letters on the white, the last words of her love.

    Even though her love now sleeps within the mother earth’s body. Every sense of peace was near the lifeless being of the youth.

    The old stone watched over him as he slept. She doesn’t know how he has shielded her from this world, and how he brought freedom onto all.

    Guardians that bore great wings shall guide him to another world where there is a never ending dawn.

    Forever nameless he lies, as the lady in black stood with the elegant rose.

    As so she said her farewell to him, she could hear him speak ever so softly in her mind.

    She sheds these tears she gives to him, her darling, my darling, Valentine.

    This was our final farewell.